Steven A Scroggins  

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Steven A Scroggins - Poetry  

Recycled Vocabulary Series
8 x 24 in.
Mixed Media on Board



By Steven A. Scroggins


Embrace The Challenge
Call Me Thirsty
Who Will Read These Words?
Beyond Your Love


Dreams Come True
God Knows
How Much More Can There Be
I Am A Poet
Look Long and Deep Into the Mirror


By Your Side
Cradle Me Softly
Dark Windows
Listen To Me!
Sand In Your Shoes
Wiggle Just a Little
If We Want It To




Speak with the voice of the wind.
Speak with the voice of Angels.
Speak and live.
Speak and grow.
Speak to share and heal the soul.
Speak to divide the fleeting moments.
Speak to embrace the joy of knowing.
Speak like a candle in the night.
Speak with shadows ever growing.
Speak like a child so tenderly.
Speak with brilliant colored imagery.
Speak from tumbling sand flung far.
Speak from Jupiter, speak from Mars.
Speak from glistening oceans deep within.
Speak as if the light will never end.
Let Art Speak to soul and slumber.
Speak to dawn and mornings' wonder.
Hear it now with open eye and nostril.
Hear it say "Come closer still"
Hear the voice of Art so clearly.
Speak! Art speak! Draw ever near me.
Let Art Speak!

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Embrace The Challenge
(for Ann Laubacher)

Keep to the task
Press on forward
Remember the prize
Embrace the challenge
Continue to hope
Continue to work
Continue to trust
Continue to believe
Each breath a gift
Each breath has purpose
Each breath empowers you
Each breath is real
Strength actually is enhanced with age
Maturity brings needed determination
The brain is the most powerful muscle of all
Exercise is essential
Movement and focus and commitment
Just a word from someone so distant
Proves they are not so distant at all
Just a moment of sweet encouragement
Truly a sovereign gift from God Know
He cares so vastly
Know He understands it all
Know He is the Author and Finisher
He created the shield we brandish
And He is the Sword we wield
With awesome responsibility
We keep to the task
We press on forward
We remember the prize
We embrace the challenge
And give all glory to the Lord Most High!

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Call Me Thirsty
(Jn 7:37&38)

Call me thirsty for all that is good
Call me yearning for strength like I should
Call me desiring for healed broken hearts
Call me thirsty for joy and wisdom to impart
Drink it all in
The steadfast beauty of a giant oak tree
The grit of sand under foot at oceans’ edge
The twinkle in a young child’s eyes
The majesty of mountains reaching for the skies
Drink it in deep
The sweetness of a Red Robins’ melody
The gentle caress of wind upon the cheek
The bright yellow orange of a setting sun
The swoosh of them all as ten dogs run
Drink it in slowly
The frost of a crisp early morning Spring
Silent moments by a deep blue mountain lake
Watching a Monarch Butterfly finding its’ way
The flicker of a thousand Fireflies turning night into day
Call me thirsty
Call me dry
Call me longing For the fourth of July
Thomas Jefferson passing on
Leaders and rulers each singing their songs
All still alive as the old cannons roar
The Declaration of Independence signed once more
Freedom to love and to look the same direction
Freedom to worship with no fear of detection
Call me thirsty
Call me dry
Call me an American
With God on our side
Call me thirsty for all that is good
Call me yearning for strength like I should
Call me desiring for healed broken hearts
Call me thirsty for joy and wisdom to impart.
Living Water flows freely from deep within
The Holy Spirit quenching each soul once again
Seeking and searching and finding hope all brand new
I forget I was thirsty when my heart is with You.

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Who Will Read These Words?

Who will read these words
Who will ponder each line
Who will consider the heart of it all
Who will take the time?


Who will listen to the pattern
Who will flow with rhythm and rhyme
Who will read these words
Who will know they are mine?


Sometimes deep
Often meaningful
Passion based
Whether person or palette


Love to be compared
Love to be endured
Love to be lost or won
Love without end.


Yes, who will read these words of mine
Who will dare to linger here
Who will take and embrace or shelter
Who will want to know or care?


May all find a challenge
May each one know
That my words and yours offer timeless treasures
As there is a world of art living in our words.

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Beyond Your Love

Confusion wanders along outside my mind
Calamity and destruction not far behind
Thinking there must be a break in the weather
Somewhere beyond your love


No satisfaction in certain common areas
Displeasure piled high like dirty laundry
Complacency, distrust and hatetred smolder
While my empty carcass burns like a funeral pyre


Jealousy screams on insationatly
Satisfaction an evil nightmare to behold
Locked alone down in the basement
But maybe there is hope beyond your love


Tears flung by like torrents of shame
Paint peels off in clumps from my broken heart
Longing for longing to reappear
Hope must be somewhere beyond your love


Not all been bad, but just not right
All an inner lie so sad it’s true
No guts no glory no confidence
That there is life beyond your love


Wasted moments of self indulgence
Wasted touch and grope and thrust
Staggering lines of imaginary lovers
Fade away somewhere beyond your love


Wanting so much to make it happen
Chanting vows to solutions and to self
So lost that tired eyes stop their looking
For life somewhere beyond your love


Need to keep on thinking
That the corpse is still alive
Break out the electric paddles
But the volts just don’t go that high


Unplugged unmoved with passion
Looking deeply with disgust into the mirror
Life seems so futile and demeaning
Unless it’s somewhere beyond your love


Fained smiles with hidden frustrations
Hidden frustration with a gun clinched in its hand
Want to end this desperation... BANG!
Somewhere beyond your love


O to unfurl these pent up emotions
O to unleash the hunger and the pain
O to live in peace and fulfillment
Somewhere beyond your love

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Dependability is a joke
Electronic nightmare
O so much faster
Consistently dependable
Isn’t that the same idea in two words?
Dependably consistent? Ha!
Trust and reliance
Technology and deception
Bread and butter
Salt and pepper
Puke and stink
Dependable cable connection
What a joke
What a lie
What a come on
What an inconvenience!!!

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God said it
I believe it
And that settles it!


I have so much
That needs to be


So many plans
So much repair
So much and more


It is all important
Responsibilities for sure
Promises to keep


And in my weakness
There are times of impatience
Times of wondering


But great need for trust
And more trust
And reliance


Confidence in Spirit
Assurance in His Power
Not my own


I have obligations
I have legitimate needs
I have Christ in me


God said it
I do believe it
That settles it!

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Dreams Come True

Very extra large dreams
New York
With my picture on a billboard
Or steveboard
Very extra large dreams
Huge studio
Lots of plants
Great sound system
Gallons and gallons of paint
See me smile
See me work real hard
See me Praise God!
See me so thankful!
Very extra large dreams
Very extra large dreams
Come true
Come true
Come true
Way beyond anything I can dream up or imagine!!!
In the Name of Jesus!!!!

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God Knows

Steps make no sounds going nowhere
Gestures not seen, voices not heard
Waving frantically "Over Here!"
God knows O God knows
Thoughts flow freely but kept hidden deep inside
Heart beat upon heart beat pounding furiously within
Left silent and so still
So many moments gone
God knows O God knows
Never was her name
Never seemed so alone
Never so senseless
Never always never
God knows O God knows
Each one so precious
Held in His hand
Created for good works
That we don't understand
But God knows O God knows.

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How Much More Can There Be?

Breathe in …. And out…
Do you feel it?
Life as we know it is happening
Only as individual elements in
This vast unfolding organic artwork
Can we go beyond mere breath
Inhale… exhale…
Such a stimulating process in it’s self
But how much more can there be?

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I Am A Poet

I am a poet
A thinker
Mmm a prince
I am a ponderer
A looker
A saint in Christ
I am a poet
Have been since youth
Lyric and rhyme
Tempo and time
Meander in and out from my mind
A journey of sorts
An adventure for sure
Drifting in feelings
Trudging in memories
Making new
Using old
Wanting to share
Before my body is cold
Now is all there is
O eternity too
But how will they remember
Me if not for You
I am a poet
Or is it what I do
Rambling to timberil
Roaming life’s zoo
Hope for a smile a grin or a giggle
Hope for a moment to simply resemble
If I am a poet then honor it is
To share my heart’s promptings
With all that will listen
And keep on compiling
Each cherished fleeting thought
And trust that the Lord
Will cause all to be not for naught
And make what seemed small big not so little
And hope for a stage to prepare and present
These long-winded jots and tantalizing tittles.

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Look Long and Deep Into the Mirror

Look long and deep into the mirror
Scrutinize your soul
Don’t be a coward look straight on in
It could be your final hour
Look long look hard look past shadow’s cast
Look, don’t hesitate before it’s your last
This could be your only chance to see
Last opportunity Moments fleeting
Years gone by
You wonder O how you wonder
You think the mirror must lie
Can this be you be me be him or her
Can this creature actually know me?
Young or old pretty or fair
Funny how the mirror reflects every detail there
No rat poison no implant no stitches can help
The brutal truth of whom you gaze upon deep inside the stare
Mirrors show history and mystery and pain
Reflect position or proposition despair and or Rogaine
No shelter no mask no deception available there
Look long and deep it is your actions you reap.
Maybe you’re happy with what you see
Maybe no warts or wrinkles or gray hair or none
Maybe it’s OK and you’re fine but don’t kid yourself
The one in the mirror has issues to deal with
And time is running out Like the face of a clock tickity tock
Moving much faster than when you first start
So fess up to your buddy your pal and your friend
Cause you may never get the chance
To see them again
Look long and deep into the mirror
If you are honest and forthright
You’ll have nothing to fear.
Regrets maybe so but they are the past
Look deep and listen and learn how to change
As long as your there looking back
There is hope for your gaze to be rearranged
Hope seems so attractive so appealing to see
Wish there was more hope looking back at me.

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When all windows become locked doors
When pessimism becomes the norm
When windows of the heart and mind and soul
are boarded up by the cold vicious hands of time
When windows learn no more of sunshine
and become gloomy portals of dank sticky shame
When windows refuse to open
and the caress of breeze realized no more
When the luscious scent of flora flounders
and the stench of pain so loud it roars
When windows are barred with jealous thoughts
of what might or could or should have been
When windows are all broken
yet perceived too jagged to crawl through
Then evil will have thought to of beat us
the cool pessimist prevailed
When the last of all called good does plummet
like teardrops from an unborn child
and lay wasted in a murky puddle
away from sight and touch and sound
When all windows become terrifying doors of seclusion
and all keys of hope vanish in mystifying urban lore
Still the grace of God will come shinning through
piercing tomb and torment and all sorrow known
and each person who cries out for mercy
will know the warmth of love once more.

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By Your Side

I know there is a destiny
I know there is a plan
There is a mighty blowing Wind
Directing all I understand
There is a Holy purpose
A God given reason why I breathe
Only Jesus can deliver
This destiny unto me.


Oh, my Lord I love You
Oh, I need You so
How I yearn to please You
Oh, how I want You to know
Be my only Captain
Be my only Guide
Be my only Savior
My only shelter by Your side.

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Cradle Me Softly

Cradle me softly
Hold my head within your hand
The warmth of your body
Too much tenderness to understand
Lift my lips slowly to yours
Speak words of passion without a sound
Let the wet heat of this moment
Bring life as summer rain to parched ground
Draw me near gently
Pull me closer still
Let your love surround me
Like the fragrance of grass on a hill.

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Dark Windows

Dark Windows all blacked out leave me nowhere to hide
Sadly Dark Windows irritate the calm laughter lurking inside
Covered with innuendo clambering with sighs
I hear the blackness screaming and moaning with lies
I sense the death of sunlight all shattered below
all shattered
so shattered
all shattered
I know Black darkness of windows... can’t begin to see inside
all barred and boarded and locked like a deadly crime
Dark scary windows so alone it’s not fair dark dank windows if any one cares
Screams growing louder much louder inside I hear them and see them but am deaf and blind
Feelings tangled in torment deep pain piercing my side darker and darker my spirit is loosing its’ mind can’t get out can’t get in or around the dark windows are calling me, Come and be found!
Found in the Darkness found in the pain
found in the night time found completely insane!!!
See crazy images all pilled in a heap
Gagged and discarded yet in darkness they speak
Come join our sweet party come jump deep inside but dark windows cant hide me can’t live with that lie
Dark Windows all blacked out with no feelings at all Black scathing windows yelling accusations so loud
So many strange voices from ages gone by screaming words still unspoken like who what and why
Shame and disgusting memories all horrid things fill the air
Stinking and lurking I know they are not really there
Still they are haunting my footsteps and poking my brow
Dark windows hold on with only the strength that I give I want to holler for help but my voice is hidden by tears
Dark windows so scary crawl on me both inside and out
Do wonder no wonder my mind in a crunch
Hurry and save me before I’m their lunch!
Dark Windows beckon to me now and grab at my hair
Gnarled over in convulsions from fear and despair Still hoping
Dark Windows don’t return my terrified stare.

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Listen To Me!

Look Around at All the Marks You have Made
Test them With your Heart to See if they Have value
Never stop
Never quit
No matter How you Feel or What you Think!
Instead Just know Your Marks Matter!
Record Each Emotion
Leave a Powerful Statement Of all you Are
Know You are An influence An agent Of change
Know your Efforts Bring hope To others
Trust that Your marks Make a Difference
Trust in The life Of your Marks
Reach out In assurance
Grasp the Tool with Authority
Speak As to the World!
Listen… There is A voice!
Hear it Clearly
Pay close Attention
Lean in…..
I am ART!
I am here Now!
Listen To me!

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Sand In Your Shoes

Art is a maniac flailing about
Art is a machine gun shooting windows out
Art is a membrane holding life inside
Art is your wink your dreams your sigh.


Art is an albatross an oddity of sorts
Art is Grandma’s biscuits made from love of course
Art is shapes and sounds and words one at a time
Art is a conquer a peasant a child with a dime.


Art is sand shaken out of your shoes
Art is a moment not knowing what to do
Art is a rain drop full of cosmic dew
Art is hope and life and creativity for me and you.


Art screams and whispers all at the same time
Art is blind and cautious and carnivorous too
Art is tender and harsh with a molten memory or two
Art is forever and fleeting and surrounds all of you.


Art like the petal of roses in bright hue
Art like elephant skin the sun tone imbues
Art like blood at the birth of your son
Art like nothing else all unique and brand new.


Art so needed to hold and to do
Art so desired and yearned for it’s true
Art all gone in a flash and in a flash renewed
Art is your touch your imagination and all that you do.


Art is a funny thing but serious too
Art in a tear drop mountain top door stop
Art in your hair in your eyes in your heart
Art in your lips in your breath may it never stop.


Art can’t be kept or owned or processed
Art can’t be taken or given or broken or fixed
Art can’t hold your attention or deplete your bank account
Art is an essence a compilation of moments dreamt about.

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Wiggle Just a Little

Cold drink of water
Ahhh so refreshing!
On a hot late Spring day
Watching the excess squirt out the corners of your mouth.


Jump in the lake
Oooo still so chilly
Invigorating just the same
Goose bumps pop up bout as fast as you pop back on shore!


Stretch out on beach
Mmmm deep warmth
Soak in completely
Like the warmth of your smile beaming brightly.


Touch yer toes with mine
Wiggle just a little
Giggle some too
What a nice dream about you.

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If We Want It To

Winding slowly
Snug not tight
Gently holding
You all night


Lifting upward
Embracing life
Tender moments
Silent delight


Ponder pleasure
Contemplate now
Surely you know
You show me how


Moving together
Hearts entwined
Dreams beckon
Shadows collide


Fantasy fetching
Even the unknown
Wanting fulfillment
My spirit moans


Winding slowly
Needing you near
Gently holding
With no fear


Give needed warmth
All Comfort too
Love lasts forever
If we want it to.

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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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